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This website is intended to stimulate and encourage Christians to take the Bible seriously as the only reliable guide for faith and practical living. Even many of those now calling themselves evangelical have abandoned any pretence to adhering to biblical doctrines. Jude, a brother of Jesus, faced the same problem in the first century and wrote what is now the second-last book of the Bible. He wanted his readers to contend for the faith once for all time entrusted to the saints.


My recently published book The Letter of Jude: A Wake-Up Call to Christians in the Twenty-First Century addresses these issues from both a first and twenty-first century perspective. A description of the book and an excerpt from it can be found on other pages of this website. The book can be purchased via this website.


There is a blog page, which will be updated twice weekly with comments on biblical themes and current events. Anyone who reads this page is welcome to blog with comments and/or questions. While I want language to be reasonable in tone, this is not to deter strong arguments and opinions from being offered.


I look forward to hearing from you. Grace and peace to you.






The Letter of Jude